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An Immobiliser For Android Apps

Protect users of your Android app against malware using Android Wear smartwatches
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256-bit data encryption using smartwatches
We encrypt your app's data using wearables and only a holder of the smartwatches can decrypt the data. So the next time your user's device gets stolen, he won't get into troubles

In-app VMs on top of smartwatches to obfuscate critical operations AVAILABLE SOON

Process critical data in a VM that is unique for every release of your app: malware become useless on a new release

Comfy two-factor authorization
Let your users pick any 2nd factor they like to unlock your app. We currently support Android Wear smartwatches and Pebbles

Integrate in 20 seconds or less
Just upload your apk-file to Adamantify and download the secured one instantly
Alex Luchkov
Previously Alex was developing software for drones, now hacks Android OS internals

Jane Smorodnikova
Worked as a CISO at a big Russian telco. Co-founder at Mailburn and Welltory
Pavel Pravdin
Worked as a project manager with Lockheed Martin and CHC Helicopters. Co-founder at Hideninja
Tim Ismilyaev
Project/product manager with $40M+ portfolio including traffic management system for Sochi Olympic Games
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